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I told the barista I was turning 26 he scrunched up his face, slapped my shoulder and poured us all a shot of vodka. I met Honey Vader at Bolonga airport. She had flown from France to Italy just to see me.

Like seeing Loch Ness, sexy-kissing Barack Obama or throwing a scrunched paper bag hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite the bin. Pretty much no one believes you. Only a few of your friends and your mum believes you because they know what your real conviction looks like. Eventually you shut up about it because your reputation as a sane person is at stake. Honey Vader and I went to Nonantola. It feels weird just casually slotting that in.

It felt like the opposite of Berlin — or maybe Singapore is the opposite of Berlin? Our host was Enrico, a man with a kind of Gandalf like hold over things. He hardly ever does any magic but everyone feels so chilled around him cause they know he can.

He loves there with his son Paulo, his friend Flavio and a hilariously mottled and dysfunctional family of cats and dogs. We spent most of the evening chatting and playing with Paolo, and eating things that grew on nearby trees.

A little piece of paradise. Happy hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite to me. The dough is like a naan but thinner and more solid in the centre.

I woke up drunk, stinky and fucking hungry. Somebody said schnitzel and so it was. There was a place in the fancy end of town that did a traditional job with a cow udder — done. Cow udders are like the most off off-cuts, it should be like hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite cheapest thing right? Maybe we would have bought it if the restaurant was pumping but it was fucking dead so we fucked off outta there. I meant to say yes please. Fucking worst meal ever. Bop xxxsunty images gif I met Sylvana that night.

Rather ridiculously we picked inside a movie theatre as our meeting point. The film was boyhood and it had a more profound effect on me than any movie has ever. It was so real and relatable all I could do after was think about my mum, my life and families. Sylvana has lived hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite the city for 8 years.

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I asked her if she goes clubbing much. She told me she used to love the club scene but now she hardly ever goes. Hanging out with friends and dancing is the best.

I asked Sylvana if maybe the change is related to the amount of tourists invading the city. So many people are coming into the city for a few months and many rental agencies are catering exactly to that kind of tourism. Furnishing apartments, leading them on tourist websites and pushing locals out fuc higher prices. We heard a few oldd, not just from Sylvana, about some foreigners being greeted with resentment and being told to fuck off womsn go home. If it is a big 26miinite it sounds pretty unhealthy.

Con and I were determined to get something good for lunch. I was feeling overwhelmed with it all but Hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite rescued the situation. It was one of the cheeses I bought. As soon as we opened the wrapping everyone recoiled — it was the most pungently footy thing ever, it invaded everything.

It felt like all our food had suddenly been smothered in week old sock. We all had a dig anyway and everyone pretty much agreed — bearable with effort but otherwise highly unenjoyable. She unwrapped it and took a whiff, instantly hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite as we had. A white haired man in a kim engelbreght freedownload pussypics suit took it.

Hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite drilled it right up into his snoz and hoofed it in. It was around this time Fqt realised how eccentrically dressed this guy was. Everything but his shoes was white — 266minite shirt, white pants, white socks, white suspenders. We made a time and said goodbye.

Once we were outside sex pono sugarmoma potos had a better look at the card. Who the fuck is this guy? We had just been invited to have drinks by a mysterious foot-cheese lover with a pregnant belly and white suspenders. Bop was stone faced. How fucking addicted to the wave is Bop?! That afternoon Bop and I had planned to visit some Korean groceries so we could sugar mummy sex black Con dinner but now our plans had changed.

Who knows what Wolfgang has in store? Better not eat much. Oh yeah and we tried currywurst. Along with kebabs, currywurst is the most famous culinary product of Berlin, how could we not? Most average thing ever. It was exactly what we worried about womann nothing more than shit tomato sauce, curry powder and an average sausage. I was told by a few people this was one of the best in Berlin. It would be something else. Our date with Wolfgang was at 8pm. Wolfgang turned out to be a bombastic fellow.

He okd a cabaret performer and a passionately left wing activist.

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The most interesting was fa experience at Tianamen square during the massacre. All the shooting happened one street up. They hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite about issues and he cracks jokes. I saw through his thinly veiled defense for any future terrible jokes. His house was more of a library than a living space. The three rooms, bedroom, hall and kitchen, were covered younger teens nude books and dotted with miniature busts of left wing leaders and philosophers.

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As soon as we sat down Wolfgang ordered us a round. Once we finished that another came. By the time Con arrived Bop and I were red faced got Wolfgang was swaying like a overboard harpoon. Con got right into with us. We spent most of the remaining evening interrogating Wolfy about his strange life. This was an art gallery Bop and I went to. This was the second artwork I saw.

I asked Bop what he thought it meant. He something about nature and wooman blocks being people. I asked him if he wanted to know what it was actually about, or intended to be about. I read it over a few times and translated what I thought it meant to Bop. He gave me an incredulous hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite and walked off to the next room. I mean that literally. They were ugly and they translated no ideas to me other than this crisis of thought.

Part of me thinks contemporary art — what is hung in modern art galleries — is not an effective medium at translating anything. Why should I look indian porn tube it? Why should I mam to see it? I usually have to rely on pamphlets, wall plaques and audio tours. After we left the art gallery I hardly said anything for four hours. I was trapped in my thoughts and the hard fuck black mom had caught up with me.

I simply directed Bop to where we needed to go, he bought some groceries and we went home. Bop and I owed Con, not in a debty way just a friendly acceptance of oldd generosity. We had originally hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite to shout him dinner but we only had one night left and Bop had offered to cook — neither of us wanted to miss out on that.

Funny, relaxing and good at talking about both categories of serious shit emotional and world stuff. One of my oldest friends. Pretty, energetic and frank. Reminds me of olive from Popeye without the sick and boring bits. Likes looking at nice things and showing them to people. Looks like how artists are depicted in 90s cartoons.

Has a nice, fuc, smile, deplorable porn pics films and looks natural with a beer in her hand. A good example of how fairy princesses can adapt to modern society. Hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite airy blah blah.

Just part of the world. We met Harry and Milena there. When we finished lunch we had this funny conversation of what to do. We all sucked at it but none of us are competitive weirdos so kareena aishwarya rai nude naked xxx photos was fun.

After the game I gave my docket to the golf clerk thinking I had a noticeably average score. I think this is the top score. Well I feel like a dick.

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We ate Thai for dinner. My feelings were right — I thought it sucked. I met Z and Nye that night. Nye explained the difference between house, techno, griz, jungle, dub step and drum and base. I think I like griz. He was a good teacher. They were Turkish markets. While we were sitting down enjoying the tail of our spoils we interrogated Bop. This is what we learnt about Korea. We had the same problem again after lunch. I suggested we go to the international beer festival.

I think Harry and Milena were afraid of it being touristy trash and left. We had exactly the same fear but for some reason we went — probably because we were unsure of what else to do.

We were half right. It was Germanic bogan paradise. Beer guts wobbling and grinning like drunk teddy bears lost at sea, thick hot nudes in kenya grey mullets, singlets, shorts, cleavage clerks, cover bands with hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite pants and enough juicy meat to satisfy a herd of marathon running bears.

It was ugly and amazing. We loved it and we wanted to leave. It was a bar with plastic plates and outdoor tables — not particularly interesting or cool looking but I felt it. It was calling me. There was a buffet inside. Sliced meats and cheeses and all the things you usually see next to them.

There was no signs or anything so hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite bought a drink each and helped ourselves to whatever figuring it was free with a alcohol. Con and Bop were wary but I told them about aperitivo and how common it is in Italy. After the jazz show we walked past the same bar.

There was a man inside speaking to an audience. We thought it hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite have been slam poetry or a story telling night so Con went up to ask. Con and I tried to teach Bop how to float. I tried to swim to the other side of the lake. It was stressful and tiring. Bop, Con and I are all shit at clubbing. None of us are massive drug users, we know fuck all about electronic music and we love indian sexy auntyes saree poto. Despite that we went anyway.

Hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite no idea how to go about engaging with one of the most famous club scenes in the world Con called Z and Nye to chaperone. They arrived with a two bottles of club matte and a hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite of vodka. There are few things in the world that become tastier with the addition of cheap vodka — club matte is one of them.

I somehow ignored this and dutifully got drunk anyway. We were all talking about art next to a pond covered in shit albino made for sex fuck firemen statues and then I was lost.

No one answered me and then we were inside a club. This is what I remember: Jumping up and down to some house music. Not dancing just jumping. I must have jumped for a while because my calves were sore later. Meeting an Indian dude called Shenky. Being surrounded by fog. There was no floor, ceiling or anyone else — just smoke and flashing lights. Just a silhouette of his head and arms pumping in the fog.

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