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Men PsychologyFathers and sonsStepparents and stepchildrenChild rearing. Are We There Yet? Men PsychologyTravel with childrenChild psychology. Indina of the Sons. Desi milf nude PsychologyFathers and sonsFamily corporations. For now, however, the US is our home. There are several well thought out answers here. I still want to put in my two cents, so here you go:. Women molested and mocked in public and crowd watching like idols.

Somehow the population of India is really a big challenge and the indian hot bhabhi pic is increasing day by day. People often end up beating the sh t out of a person who refused to leave a seat. Indeed everyone think of students as incompetent but the bitter reality is the institutions in India are incompetent to teach engineering. So is true for all the fields. S- Indians in foreign countries do not return to India because they have gone through a lot of struggle which they certainly don't want to face again.

No place sdx perfect and India is indeed a better place to live in.

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Most answers here are from the perspective of people who have left India in their adulthood, either for studies indjan employment. I would like to add my two cents as someone who was raised abroad since the indian nri open women sex video of 4. I feel like a fish out of water there because I cannot comprehend and accept the way things are done there.

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The general attitude of people towards their work in Jri is one of carelessness. I have seen this attitude from doctors to professors to housekeeping staff.

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They just want to do some shoddy work, get the money and get out. Bank employees lunch time ends at 1: This attitude of the indian society disgusts me. And when I indkan my honest opinion, I am made out to be a bad kajol nude.

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Sanskar is not dependent videoo the place you are in. I have friends who black.tight.hairy.pussy growing abroad still touch their elders feet when they meet them.

I still touch my parents feet and get their blessings before doing anything important. Sanskar depends on how you are brought up, not where you live. Whenever people start with their sanskar defense, i play along. Most of the time i get silly replies, like sanskar is not drinking, sanskar is not wearing indian nri open women sex video clothes and not talking xxxxx black naijahairy pussy boys.

This irritates me for two reasons. Firstly,none of indian nri open women sex video above mentioned are immoral or unethical or in any sense bad. They are doraemon xxx tabooed in Indian society. Not everyone who drinks is a drunkard and nor is every girl who has guyfriends a slut. Secondly,if people think that nobody in India is drinking,clubbing,having pre-marital sex, they are just kidding themselves.

Womrn kids abroad learn Indian arts than kids in India. So now the culture defense has been put to rest. Its better for the parents as well, considering the state of healthcare in this country. And considering that most extended indian relatives are just annoying and dont genuinely care about you, i dont think anyone misses them that much. Relatives in India generally view each other as a competition and source of gossip only.

In most families, there is no genuine love and compassion.

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We have better friends abroad, who truly love us and care for us. They are eomen real family. One point i missed. Indians in India also need to learn some manners first. Most of the population i have interacted with did not have basic manners or courtesy and behaved very rudely and i am talking about educated middle class people here.

No exchanging greetings, indian nri open women sex video please,sorry, thank you, no opening doors for others.

This makes living in India pretty uncomfortable for me. I indkan an Indian studying in Canada for a year now. If I ask myself: Now, let us point out the reasons why I would like to stay here:.

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The point is people decide to stay because they like the easiness and good quality life. They get used womsn it.

If they go back, it will be hard initially to adapt back to the environment and culture of India. The only reason they think of going back is either family or they want to invest in India and open a business opportunity. Of course, India offers a lot more wonderful things indian nri open women sex video the culture porn big boobs amazing there. Nothing can beat the social life and delicious food of India.

India has large number desi nude chut problems and the politicians have always failed to solve it.

Plus there are problems of basic amenities like:. There are people every where and they are insian increasing. Jungles are torn apart by these people. These people then cut trees and make there homes on forest, when wild elephants kill them then they cry vjdeo demands money indian nri open women sex video the government. The people of India not even allow poor animals to live freely and happily.

India is a failed state and a sinking ppen. Nothing good can happen here. While I do agree owmen almost all of the points written by others related to Germany, this answer is for those are interested in 'other's who returned to India'.

Life indian nri open women sex video Remember your time where you stood at a rd corner, chit chatting with your friends! Discussing some shit, irrelevant to your life and still having fun, laughing your soft ass out? Yea good luck here.

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Time - Remember the small shopd where you had your breakfast, lunchdinner, tea, smoked or sometimes all of those. Just coz you ebony cougar ass pussy stockings it. All those chats, outside eateries, you hung out with your friends, family. Remember the time in your college where you followed a se being scared to tell her you like her? D here, you indian nri open women sex video be in jail here if the girl lodges a compliant.

The results are pretty much true, but the point is indiqn phun: I have a girlfriend and the thing is I want to return. So I have no idea what happens in future and I guess there are some families here who had to settle just coz the partner indian nri open women sex video not agreeing to? But my girlfriend knows I will. She has digested and accepted it.

For the people comparing cities in India to here. Compare your mentality to the one's here. They don't put thrash anywhere and everywhere.

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For the total population here, the percentage doing that is low. So the amount is extremely less.

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In India REM how you, yourself threw trash on the streets? How come Indians here respect the rules so much?

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This pisses me off. Later on, in Quora shouting how bad it's in India.

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Remember that germany was never the paradise from its origin. Ppl like you who claimed to be educateds back then, didn't show off like this. The learnt, went back to and tried to implement the better things in their own country for the better.

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Germany was also built the same way. Ppl idnian go outside don't go back? How are you making your country better by that. Today's Germany has faced a lot until few decades ago.

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You just got indian nri open women sex video well built platform here in Germany. Don expect India to become like that overnight with people like us abandoning India. It's our responsibility to go change it for the better purpose so our next generation will see lot of incoming foreigners than outgoing insiders. Ppl who never return must be treated like a captain who abandoned his sinking ship and crew.

Only then we kimber james pussy surgery botched learn. Don't be proud of not returning, because people like you teach your next generation also such things and not really helping India in any progress.

nri videos, page 1 -

Guys, rascism exists here too, not only that all kinds of things. The mentality of the rest is a bit different so that's reflected from the society. I think life here is becoming more mechanical. And I want to try changing India so I can die in peace someday. I don't have to take a appointment to meet my friends.

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In India any time in midnight I can go to their place, talk for a while. Not fixing time to hangout with parents! Waiting for paid holidays of 20 days or 30 days a year. So I can roam around the world? What the hell will you be doing for the rest of the year?

I have seen Indians here showing off to the bideo, friends back there in Indian. But actually, inside they indian nri open women sex video just empty. S it's ok hindi nika xxx this post doesn't get any encouragement.

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But just don't upvote posts from ppl like Gautam Sawala and others. I live in India, but I have traveled abroad and almost all my friends and relatives are abroad. You get a better quality of life.

People get used to a easy, struggle-less indian nri open women sex video and dont want to come back to the miserable struggles of southafricanboobs life in India. And more than that, you get more respect as a human being abroad.

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Think about the simple act of crossing the road. In India it could very well be the last kenyan pornstsrs you cross the road, and no one would give a fuck, whereas abroad you will experience the feeling of respect, you will feel that indian nri open women sex video life has value, and you must do something useful with it.

Only thing with Indians abroad is that once they go abroad they act like they have never ever lived in India. They act like they have been abroad all their life, and try to show that off when you go to meet them.

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I have nothing against Indians abroad. Infact i want everyone to settle abroad so that we will have lesser Indians in India itself and that will reduce our struggle for limited resources. But dont bloody act like you dont madhuri dixit xxx bf India after you have settled abroad. Even actual foreigners dont act so surprised and flabbergasted the way you pretend! Dont act like you suddenly dont know how to deal with things like traffic, corruption, heat, dirt, poverty.

Dont show off or rub in your uber indian nri open women sex video lifestyle to Indians.

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Indkan all things in life, going abroad, settling etc are all a matter of chance. Some things click for some people, some things dont. So dont get condescending. They then asked for money as female albino naked surety or used other ruses. That is how she realised she'd been scammed," he said. Police recorded four similar cases of Indian nationals in Hong Kong between February and April indian nri open women sex video last year, the Post report said.

Scammers who spoke fluent English posed as staff members from the Home Affairs Department and told victims they were being fined for giving incorrect information to Indian authorities.

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