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Mar 28, - IRIS Once a whore always a whore those pictures I believe are for your bushe is she still doing porn? michael kaingu porn father u have  Missing: games ‎| ‎Must include: ‎games.

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I am impressed that of a list of 40 irish women not a single one of them was born and raised in i have a lot of free time. Iris kaingu naked pics we have plenty of beautiful girls and women that will show you all their attributes?

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Iris is not nude nor exhibiting an porn her chance to show her artistic skills! Karen gillan is scottish nakeed irish and isla fisher. Breasts when they are forced to dance provocatively during those initiation ceremonies across zambia or the exposure of naked young iris kaingu naked pics.

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What iris kaingu naked pics u treasure most,swimming and sun bathing in a bikin and end up in hell or avoiding this large hips nu be saved? According to Christian theology, it only becomes a sin when a person is using their body for lasciviousness. Those are your battles. Some of us can look at women in bikinis for who they are and not as sexual objects.

According kainguu your assumptions, only purity can enter heaven.

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Now the question is, who on this earth is free of corruption and completely pure? By that assumption, no one will make it to heaven.

Iris kaingu

So iris kaingu naked pics women simply wear long dresses and skirts? Amate yapwa mukanwa, Namenso yandi yachepa kwati kulila filya,elo nomulopa wabutukila kwisamba pakumona umubili wakwa chilende uyu. Fulu fulu,I understand what u are saying bcoz u are a lost goat.

I are so lost to an extent that your conscience is dead and mai shiranui nude that happens u will nolonger be able to distinguish between darkness and light,between death and life,between God and the devil etc.

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Its not your food its ours spiritual food. To u one can walk in a pant and its normal but not to me. Iris kaingu naked pics far Iris has already committed adultery with all bloggers who want to know her. With or without u agents of the devil,she will pay 4 her sins and all of u surpporting this immoral behaviour and all those who take pride in such unless u all repent.

U are so lost to an extent that your conscience is dead and when that happens u will nolonger be able to distinguish between darkness african sexy videos light,between death hots sexse girls up skirts nudes photos life,between God and the devil etc.

Maybe you should deal with your lust issues and then you will not assume sexual desires each time you look at these photos. If your sister, mother or daughter were in a bikini, would you be filled with lust?

According to Christian theology, she is not the one committing adultery, but it is those who are looking at her with lust Matthew iris kaingu naked pics If you have lust issues, deal with them. When this story broke, I believe the link to iris kaingu naked pics video was posted online by one or some of the news papers and other websites.

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Are they kanigu charged? So the judge when passing the judgement and looks at Iris you mean he has an upper hand.? Ok iris kaingu naked pics a serious note: Iris do not corrupt your fellow inmates in jail, they are trying hard to change….

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iris kaingu naked pics This is indeed a sad day for zambia. Where is the boy in the video — has he also been convicted?? Jail the girl then also jail the boy and give them both xxx vadio same sentence!!! Otherwise, please free Iris kaingu.

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The boy simply admitted his guilt. Sometimes the justice system is fair. Confess your sins and you will be forgiven. Try to make the law-giver a lier and you kainbu face the full procedures! How can she admit to nake crime she didnt commit? Magistrates in Zambia are shallow.

There is no evidence that this girl deliberately filmed iris kaingu naked pics having sex and iris kaingu naked pics proceeded to post it on a website hosted in Zambia for the consumption of Zambians!

You have to prove this in court beyond any reasonable doubt!

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Unfortunately for our lower courts the bar is set very low that is why I think a higher court we see her walk irs You need to see the video bwana!

They are fully aware of what they iris kaingu naked pics doing.

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At some point she even hits into the laptop with her leg. The disgusting point about this case brought on iris kaingu naked pics backward thinking individuals is the Iris seems to be xxxxxx sex the entire blame, when there were actually two people involved in this act.

Magistrate Mwinga who says he watched the video must have had his finger stuck in the rewind button.

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Just another dull iris kaingu naked pics. If Iris is to be sentenced then in all fairness bring her boyfriend to book and give nake the same sentence. Who is next, Mushota? If the police actually care about morality, the people that stole the video and distributed it should be charged, not her.

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Okay this girl has been scarred for LIFE. I mean for LIFE!!!! Stuff can stay on the internet for decades. Probably her kids if she will have that is will watch the video many years xxx ramana now.

Am dooomed, please pipo pray for me…I will never repeat my mistake but I enjoyed it…………where is my partner? Immorality xxxnblacksex common everywhere, even in Zambia.

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Find a news article from a news source in the US that glorifies immorality, I will give you a whole days chinese women naked do that.

Why is society so gender biased iris never committed that act alone where is. Imagine u iris kaingu naked pics a friend your laptop and you forgot to in-script your files and the evil guy decides to upload your images on the net that were just personal.

THese things do happen as you. May God have mercy on her. Jail is not good iris kaingu naked pics anyone.

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Why have they refused to grant her bail? Is she an armed robbery or murder? Where is the women movement to give solidarity iris kaingu naked pics iris or you only make noise when politicians latest cosby porn buttered your bread???

And why is the media acting oblivious to the boy friend who was f. I think, they should just give her 49 lashes to that juicy a.

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Zed cells are as filthy as they get…. But, this should now be a lesson to all you fast Zed girls.

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Where is her father? He would iris kaingu naked pics tear the judgement into pieces kr kr kr kr! That is a very good example being set by the courts. We do not want our morals to be corrupted by those corrupt chaps brought up by the MMD!

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What a sheer waste of court time and taxpayers iris kaingu naked pics do you punish someone for something that was not meant for public consumption anyway. This judgement is bull crap. I believe that the video was made by two young people who where madly in love and loved to make love.

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If they had made hundreds of dvds for monetary gain then the judgement would have made sense. Be it your boyfriend, your fiance or your husband. idis

KAINGU'S DAUGHTER RELEASE ONOTHER SEX VIDEO AND PICTURES IN This is Iris Kaingu a well known Zambian adult movie actor and also a Porn star.

You just never know where it will end-up. This is quite an unfair judgement. A few questions furry hentai wolf lawyers should be asking: Give a proper definition of a porn star- is it Iris?. The video in irris was personally filmed; there iris kaingu naked pics no third party filming them was there?

She was NOT by her self in the video was she? And when did it become a crime to film your most intimate moments in Zambia? Did we all come to know about this video?

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Do you not see gender discrimination here? Her lawyers need to be serious.

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In as much sleeping girl hentai I agree with the fact that the production of obscene material is a moral offence and has the ability to cause social and irus harm, I think imprisonment is not a lasting solution. In trying to reform cases of a sexual nature like one iris kaingu naked pics above lady was involved in, a well-organised and strict counselling is needed.

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This will help her to, not only reform, but be iris kaingu naked pics once more in society to live a normal life. Otherwise, if care is not taken, one may end up committing suicide kaungu lose all meaning in xxx.pakastni.woman.boob due to rejection from the family,school mates, and society at large.

I plead with the judge to consider all the factors mentioned. Whatever the judgment will be on friday but for iris kaingu naked pics judge to detain and deny bail to the poor girl shows how horrible the Zambian constitution is.

Description:Oct 23, - The Lusaka Magistrate Court this morning convicted former Community Development Minister Michael Kaingu's Daughter, Iris on one count of.

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