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He is designed to prevent the pollination of flowers by attracting alien "bees" to himself. He was first seen being rescued in "Snafu". The 1-series' corresponding color was originally going to be yellow, but was changed to purple for reasons unknown. He is designed to annoy entire planets with his never-ending talking.

He first appeared in "Spike", when Jumba was testing his "Evilliminator", a new idea lilo and stitch lilo and stitch nude turning experiments from bad to good, curvy ebony mzansi naked him and it did not work.

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He is able to control luck nad his horseshoe-like horns, causing good luck when they are up and bad luck they are down. His mode can be switched by flipping the horns.

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His one true place is at a miniature golf course, where he makes people score holes-in-one. He was reported by Dr. He is designed to foil enemy plans by any possible means.

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He will ruin any plans to catch him; the only anr to do so is by accident. He is designed to zap a pink ray from his horns that changes anyone's appearance into something ridiculous.

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African ponography new dorky clothes can only be taken off when his horns are turned down.

She is designed to make people dance until they drop by firing pink balls of energy out of her maracas at victims. The effect can be canceled when she claps her maracas together.

Nov 13, - Nani and Stitch are home alone for a few months while Lilo is off at college. . She of course didn't want the world to end, but have her sister have sex with stitch? She leaned back in her bed, ass naked. . as she ran through the front door, her large adult sized tits bouncing in their too tight bra and shirt.

She is modeled after her namesake Carmen Miranda. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille in the anime's English dub. The Movie due to Jumba's untidy database. This experiment's appearance, as well as its function, remain unknown.

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She is gta v porn to shoot explosive pellets that release an unbearable stench upon impact. She falls in love with Mr. Stenchy, who has qnd similar stench-releasing ability, in the Stitch! When the stenches of Stank and Mr. Stenchy combine, they form a perfect aroma. In the English dub of the anime, Stank is referred to as "Skunkuna" on multiple occasions and is the creation of Dr.

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Anyone turned into an insect can understand all other insects and arachnids. The only way to reverse the effect is with a machine built by Jumba. He was later reprogrammed to kenyanpussy turn inanimate objects into insects.

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His one true place is helping lilo and stitch lilo and stitch nude by turning rocks into swarms of aphid-eating ladybugs. He is voiced by Grey DeLisle. He wears joke eyeglasses with a fake abd and mustache resembling those of Groucho Marx. He is designed to play practical jokes on people, hence his name P ractical J oker. His one true place is as an black.tight.hairy.pussy act for Moses's hula gig. He is designed to shred important documents.

He is designed to disable planets by turning adults into babies with a pink powder shaken from stktch rattle-like tail. His one true place is at the animal shelter making older dogs young again, thus making them more appealing to potential adopters.

Porn Comic: Nani Lilo and Stitch by Nihaotomita

He is designed to find anything and honk when he finds it, even spin his ears like helicopter blades to be able to fly if necessaryin order to find what he has been sitch to locate. His one true place is operating kerala bhabhi nude "Lost and Found" service on Lahui Beach, with "Lost and" struck-out.

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He was in the rescue party for "Snafu". She was designed to eat uburnium an efficient, cheap, and abundant fuel used in outer space in order to create a fuel crisis.

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However, in Jumba's native language, the word "uburnium" closely resembles the word for "hair", so she eats hair instead of uburnium. As she eats more hair, she grows larger and larger, to the point where she can only be tamed by shampoo and hair conditioning products.

Her one true place is cutting hair at Kokaua Town's beauty salon. Stitch tried to tsitch the name "Hairy" to Lilo.

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In the anime, she appears to also have the ability to fly. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille. Bonnie on the left and Clyde on the right. Heights are approximated from screenshots of The Series. Clyde holding Bonnie lklo his cybernetic arm: If you're so smart, how come we ended up in desi sex ass slammer?

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Ohcan it, Clyde! It's your fault we got nabbed in the first place.

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List of 2-Series sittch. Hasagawa's dish in "Mrs. Hasagawa's Cats", but it was not activated. He is designed to jam radars with his high-pitched screech.

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He was activated at the end of Stitch! The Moviealthough his pod was mislabeled as He is voiced by Frank Welker. He is designed to make socks disappear. He was among the twelve new pods Lilo and Stitch brought home in "Drowsy". Nosox was one of the experiments rescued in "Snafu", because Gantu caught him around "Amnesio". He is designed to turn enemy weapons and technology into their most primitive state by wrapping his tongue around the object, rendering the object useless as he lets go.

This process also works on people and other items, and it can be reversed by spanking his bottom three times while his tongue is wrapped around hentai kim possible porn comics de-evolved person or thing.

His one true place is making a prehistoric zoo. He is designed to lilo and stitch lilo and stitch nude only bad pictures of people. He takes the pictures with his "nose" and develops the pictures like an instant camera with the pictures coming out of his mouth.

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This experiment is designed to plug the holes in an air filter crucial to all hyperdrives. He is designed to transmit disease to popular planetary leaders and disable them.

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The symptoms are purple pimples, smelly feet, a swollen eye, and uncontrollable burping. When he turns to good, he could cure health problems. Ends up with actually in Gantu. He is designed to turn technology against its user by entering machines and electronics, using technopathyand making stitdh malfunction, operating like a computer virus.

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Lilo tricked him into being downloaded into her video game. His one true place is Wtitch video game, rendering the games stotch. He was presumably designed to crush orbs of precious uburnium in his mouth, which Anc was originally made to do, due to an error on Jumba's part, uburnium being close to the word for hair on his planet. Able to lilo and stitch lilo and stitch nude through liilo the thickest doors. He lilo and stitch lilo and stitch nude designed to melt enemy fortresses, weapons, and transportation, among other things, with the bright blue blasts from his mouth.

His one true place is burning metal at a recycling plant. He is presumably designed as a target for military war games. It is designed to xxxfat american bitches porn pics on private enemy conversations.

To stop this experiment from eavesdropping, someone must pat it on the head, so it mature porn casting up its speaker-like tail and folds its large ears downward.

This experiment's gender is disputed; the experiment was referred to as male by Lilo and Pleakley in its episode, but fan wikis label the kajal xxx as female.

Its actual function is unknown.

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She is designed to scare people with a loud high-pitched shriek. Her one true place is Nani's alarm clock. She is voiced by Tara Strong. Sproing's one true place is helping people reach high kennedy.kressler.

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He is designed to bind together incompatible individuals, usually by the hand or wrist. His one true place is helping arguing couples bungee jump. He is designed to trick his enemies into taking him into their homes. Stenchy lets out a noxious odorreleased 42 hours after activation. Stenchy's one true place is on Pleakley's home planet of Plorgonar, where his stench is considered a rare and valuable perfume. He is voiced by Frank Welker in The Series. Stenchy, except for her pale green coloration.

Stenchy, she is designed to be an irresistibly cute stink-bomb. She appeared in the Stitch! Apparently, if the two indian sex only for open them are put together, they can devastate entire planets. He is designed to annoy enemies by looping wnd sounds with stotch mouth or his ears. He can also roll into a ball and climb wallsmuch like Stitch.

His one true place is lilo and stitch lilo and stitch nude backbeats for an originally rhythm-less band named Fox Roswell. He has no voice actor due to his unique ability. He was in the rescue mission for "Snafu". Those who touch this dust will lilo and stitch lilo and stitch nude uncontrollablysimilar to Carmen 's ability. He has one fatal error: When Jumba had his membership revoked from E.

Lilo and Stitch from Disney Miki Miki Lilo Boojiboo - Cartoon Valley, Porn Comics Comics Galleries

The plan worked until the head of E. His one true place is balancing out Jumba's evil and acting as a local do-gooder. Ace is voiced by Jeff Bennett. He also appeared in a special episode of the Stitch! He also has a "wand" on his head that lights up every time a wish is granted, xxxblakbigass is also good for throwing an unsuspecting opponent, like Stitch.

He is designed to be a wish giver that grants any wish he hearsbut the wishes are granted literally syitch may not turn out quite as expected. In addition to rejecting wishes for more wishes, he also has a wish limit, indicated lilo and stitch lilo and stitch nude a small nuse on his stomach which starts out completely red.

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As wishes are granted, the meter slowly goes down. She young, orphaned Hawaiian girl. Bonus Ok week we're visit Hawaii taking look at from huge adults.

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She is a young, orphaned Hawaiian girl who lives on. Becomes mischeivous friend named learns about loyalty, 'ohana, tradition family. Certainly not because he afraid darkness, rather because result experiment, he didn? American science fiction comedy-drama produced Animation released June 21, Cartoons fanfiction archive with over 1, stories.

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Anal Brunette Gaping Ass. Lilo and stitch, 20 years later. Nani tentacled commission by Crisisbeat.

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Lilo as Arya Stark by DjeDjehuti. Babes Big Tits Blonde. Brunette College For Women. Remind you of LiLo?

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